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The goal: sustainable development
Sustainable development is a process that should lead to a situation in which all of humanity  lives in health and liberty, in ways that do not endanger the possibilities of future generations to do the same. Basic conditions are an uncontaminated environment and access to good quality food, drinking water, sanitation, housing, health care, and education. Freedom implies living in a society in which people are free to choose and to live their lives as they see fit, without infringing on the right of others to do the same.

Global development: the book
An important part of this site is dedicated to the book Global Development: Problems, Solutions and Strategy. A proposal for socially just, ecologically sustainable growth. Published in 1998, the book analyses the problems facing humanity and the obstacles to sustainable development. It offers solutions to overcome those problems, and a strategy to get those solutions implemented. Although the book was written before "globalization" became the buzzword it is today, the issues discussed relate closely to the ongoing discussion on globalization's effects - negative as well as positive.

Global Development: Towards socially just,
ecologically sustainable growth

Welcome to this site! It provides answers to the question of how ecologically sustainable, socially just development can be achieved worldwide. The obstacles to sustainable development are analyzed, ways to overcome those obstacles are suggested, and strategies that would make the world's poor and middle classes the prime beneficiaries of globalization are presented. Click here or scroll down for a site map, and/or look in the left and right hand columns.

For whom is this site intended?
The site is meant for all people with an interest in ending social injustice, environmental deterioration and economic insecurity. Considering most of humanity is affected by these problems, that's a big audience. Especially when one adds those people who, even though they belong to the few percent of the world's population who do not have to worry about money, have a genuine concern for the fate of our planet and those living on it.

What makes this site worthwhile?
This site is unique in that it present both an analysis of the key obstacles to sustainable development and a coherent set of measures to overcome those obstacles: see Global development: the book and Sustainable global development: the issues.
One of the key obstacles for investment in sustainable developmen is an alleged lack of money. The solution offered to this problem on this site is simple, yet so contrary to economic dogma that it does not figure in the development debate. Such unorthodoxy not only calls for strong supporting arguments, but also, for an explanation of why this option has not been brought up before. That's given on this site: see right-hand column and
The darker side of economics.

Who's responsible?
This site has been created by Frans Doorman - with help from friends. Click on my name if you're curious about my credentials. On the other hand, if you think that arguments weigh more than the person presenting them, get straight to business, and click on to Sustainable global development: the issues. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

All material on this homepage can be freely used, copied and distributed - but please mention the source.

Sustainable global development: the issues

Using a question and answer format,the most important aspects are discussed of setting in motion a global process of sustainable development, aiming at ending global poverty, environmental degradation, and economic stagnation. This part of the site was developed in early 2003.

A major obstacle to sustainable development: economic science
An important part of this site is dedicated to a critique of economic science. It is argued that economics is a faith rather than a science, and worse, that its prime dogma is instrumental in perpetuating poverty and environmental deterioration. Action for sustainable development, therefore, should be aimed in the first instance at the dogma's of orthodox economics.
For more click on:
The darker side of economics

Other information: English and Dutch

This site also contains papers and op-ed pieces on a range of issues related to sustainable global development and globalization. The site is regularly expanded with new texts on sustainable development and globalization. Part of these are in English, and part in Dutch.
Papers in English
Papers in Dutch




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This site is structured in five main units:

New on this site!

  • An updated  discussion on the issues related to global sustainable development, written in early 2003: Sustainable global development: the issues (April 29, 2003)
  • A discussion of the shortcomings of economic science, in terms of economic dogma forming an obstacle to setting in motion a genuine, global process of sustainable development: The darker side of economics (April 29, 2003)

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